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A digital video news platform for those in a rush, who want to get a quick glimpse of the top news stories a few times a week Monday through Friday. Watch a maximum of 5 minutes of newsgab’s host at 7:30a.m. EST, chatting with you about national news, global news, trending technology, entertainment, and lifestyle.

This platform was started for those who want quick news from a source you can trust and understand. The founder and creator of newsgab has wanted to start this platform for years and is finally taking the plunge.

Meet the creator:


Your host is multimedia journalist, Gabriela Milian, who has freelanced in various roles for CNN, Heavy.com, ABC News Digital, CBS News, NBC News, News 12 NJ, and Telemundo.

Most of Gabriela’s work has been in digital print, but even more so in video…video of all kinds, from heart throbbing documentaries to silly pet-filled snapchat stories.

Did I mention she speaks Spanish? Ohhh sĂ­.

After working for so many different news platforms, Gabriela loved the variety and was able to learn a lot about the media field.

She noticed that with the rise of Millennials in the workforce, and now Generation Z, that traditional news outlets are not as appealing to these groups as other news with a social media style.

Maybe because she can be argued as both a Millennial and a Generation Z-er…if that’s what they’re called…

So please join Gabriela on newsgab for quick news from a source you can trust and understand!



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